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Date Coaching 

There is no greater feeling you will ever experience than being in love. We often hear about the need for a work / life balance but it is not often that people discuss the need for a work/life/love balance. When love is so important, why are we not taught or shown how to love and why are we not making finding love our no. 1 priority?

As a Matchmaker and Dating Specialist, I meet clients with all levels of dating experience every single week. Clients of all ages that have never had a relationship to people that have been married a number of times and everyone in between.

If you would like help with your dating we have a number of options

1. Private One to One Consultations

Meet with our Dating Specialist, Mairéad Loughman in a private one to one consultation for lots of simple yet powerful dating advice and put your new dating life into action.

2. Join our Dating Masterclass

Mairéad constantly gets asked the same questions or sees her clients making the same mistakes over again resulting of lots of missed opportunities when it comes to dating.

Mairéad hosts a Dating Masterclass every month with some of her best material to ensure that her clients are date ready, not missing opportunities and attracting the right types of partner for them.

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