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  • How does Matchmaking work?
    Mairéad meets with all of her clients in person for a consultation. The consultation takes between 45mins-1 hour. She will get to know you, the type of person that you would like to meet and anything else she feels will help to find you suitable introductions. You will then be invited to join our matchmaking service. - We tell you about your match. - We arrange your dates. - We follow up with you after your dates to make sure you have a second date or arranged or to arrange your next date. We do everything for you so you can simply enjoy your dating.
  • Who joins a Matchmaking Service?
    People like you! Love HQ has people from ages 20-80, from all professions and all walks of life all over Ireland... Politicians, Radio Presenters, Gardai, Teachers, Business Owners, Barristers, Property Developers, the list goes on. Basically, anyone that is open to and actively seeking long term love. We do not take on anyone that is not seeking a long term commited relationship.
  • How much dating experience do I need to join Matchmaking?
    None. We will ensure that you are date ready having spoken with you in your consultation.
  • How successful is your Matchmaking?
    Our Matchmaking service is very successful! Here at Love HQ, we are upfront and realistic with you throughout the process. We cannot guarantee that you will find love but we will do everything we can to help you! We have sent over 6,000 people on dates all over Ireland and we have had 100's of success stories with marraiges, babies, engagements, long term relationships and millions of kisses! We cannot guarantee that you will find love but we will help you any way we can! -We meet with you for your consultation and get to know you and the type of person that you would like to meet. -We ensure that you are date ready. Sometimes this can mean a little more coaching, style advice, confidence boosting with lots of simple yet powerful dating advice however, most people are ready to date. -We arrange all aspects of your dates depending on what you feel comfortable with. -We follow up with you after each of your dates to ensure we are introducing you to the right type of person or if we need to make changes toyour dating style. We may also recommend a change to the type of person based on your feedback from your previous date. -We will relay any feedback to you from your previous date. (Only if we feel that it holds merit, will help you with your dating in the future or if we have permission to do so from your previous date. If it won't help you, or it is just someones personal preference, we use our discretion). -We may send you articles or blogs to help you.
  • How can I get the most from joining Matchmaking by Love HQ?
    From sending over 5,500 people on dates and carefully studying why some found love and others didn't these are the main reasons. 1. Be realistic-About who you are and the type of person that you would like to meet. 2. Make an effort 3.Prioritise 4.Ladies, feminine energy! 5. Men, lead andbe the man! 6. The freakout 7. You are not perfect, so don't expect them to be 8. Are you a pain in the ass? 9. Be Kind 10. How do people feel when they have left you? 11. How do you speak about and to others.
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  • Where is Love HQ
    Love HQ meets our clients in our office on Merrion Sq, in Dublin city centre. We also hold private consultation in Galway, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Mullingar.
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