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Enjoy the finer things in life? Then we have the perfect dating experience for you!

A Table for Six understands that some of our daters have a refined palette for fine foods and fine wines so why not date in in the surroundings that you are accustomed to.

A Table for Six fine dining evenings invites three single ladies and three single men to find romance in some of the most exquisite dining rooms while feasting on the most luxurious menus in the UK.

We match three single ladies and three single men for group dinner dates all over the UK and Ireland. Tables are matched based on age, profession, background and preferences etc. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant, you will be discretely welcomed to your first table where we recommend you sit male, female, male, female. The dinner starts with everyone briefly introducing themselves. After each course, the men will be invited to switch tables ensuring everyone dates a minimum of 12 eligible matches throughout the evening!

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