Love Letters

Ireland's Newest, Traditional Way to Date!

When was the last time you received a Love Letter? A Table for Six has developed Love Letters to help those looking for meaningful and long term relationships. From speaking to you, our clients, people are tired of internet dating and are looking for something more personal. Love Letters is for people that like to have a decent chat and are looking for a meaningful relationship! Let's face it, it is a better love story than "we met on Tinder!".

How it works-

2. New profiles are placed on our website every Friday for a period of two weeks. 

3. After two weeks, your Love Letter's replies are posted to the address that you provide in plain & discrete envelopes for you to respond to at your leisure and arrange your dates with your suitors!

4.  See an advert you like? Click on the "Send  Love" button and get in touch! It's that easy!

5. Alternatively, you can send a message now, through the site for €5, just click and "Send Love". Remember, hand written letters are FREE! 

6. To place an advert and start receiving your Love Letters is €50.

Love Letters is for people of all ages seeking meaningful relationships.