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10 First Date Tips from Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker!

As a professional matchmaker, I have matched over 7,000 people on dates since 2016 all over Ireland. As a result, I have seen what works, what doesn't work and what can increase your chances of dating success. You only get one chance to make a good first impression so here are some of my dating tips!

1. Dating Mindset-Be completely comfortable with who you are as a person and get dating. If you would genuinely like to meet someone special, you should be going on at least one date a month so get ready for the fun adventure. Start saying hello, with a smile, to potential dates when you are out and about or at the gym and strike up a conversation before asking them on a date. If they say yes, great! If not, just keep going!

2. Date location- Make an effort to meet in a nice location, make it a little special. Ensure that it is somewhere that you can chat easily and that you won't be interrupted by people you know. For safety, this should be a public place with other people around.

3. Dress to impress- First impressions are hugely important so look your very best. Ladies, I would recommend something fun, feminine and flirty. A nice dress or dressy jeans and a nice top with a pop of colour. Men, smart leather shoes, good well fitting jeans and a smart shirt, I recommend long sleeve shirts and roll up sleeves and a proper wool coat.

4. Building a connection- The gift of the gab means that most Irish people are well able for chit chat however, on a date, be mindful to build a connection and get to know your date. Ask them genuine questions about themselves, what they enjoy doing, what makes them happy etc. People are more at ease when they are talking about things that make them happy. Remember, you should listen more than you are talking so be genuinely interested in what they are saying but its also important to make an effort to chat. However, they will be interested in you too so think about what you will share with them beforehand. Overall, keep the conversation light, positive and fun.

5. Flirt! Irish people tend to be a little shy when it comes to flirting however, if you are on a date, it is important to flirt. If you fancy your date, subtly let them know. Compliment them, their outfit, their characteristics. Smile more. Make sure your body language is open. Listen to my podcast with a dating and flirting coach on my website for more tips. (Listen here to flirting and seduction coach)

6. Eye contact- If it is an outdoor date, take off your sunglasses. Eyes are hugely important in the flirting stages so remove the shades, make eye contact and smile.

7. Avoid - Keep Covid talk to a minimum or anything negative. That includes your opinion on vaccines, government responses, lockdowns, vaccine passports, hotel quarantining, people breaking rules ...bored yet? I have made my point! Try not to talk about ex relationships, religion and politics if possible too. These topics will not help you build a romantic connection, promise!

8. Men, be gentlemen of greatness. Treat her like a lady and speak to her like a lady, she is not one of the lads. Ladies, be ladies of high value and allow him to treat you like a lady. When you start dating, both of you are teaching your date how to treat you so be clear on your boundaries and start as you mean to go on in your potentially new relationship.

9. Relax and Enjoy- The more fun and laughing on a date, the greater the chance of a second date. It also makes people more relaxed. Equally, the psychology of breaking "breaking bread" helps build connections. Meeting for coffee? Make sure to get cake. Going for a walk? Get Ice- Creams! Be fun and have fun and you will have better dating results.

10. Be kind. Regardless of how your date went, text your date to make sure they got home safe. If you would like to meet them again, ask them out. If you do not wish to meet them again, thank them for a lovely evening and follow up by saying that you do not feel that there is enough romantic chemistry to meet again but that you wish them well. Always have the manners and courtesy to reply kindly. Ghosting is rude and never acceptable.

About Love HQ, Ireland's No.1 Dating Specialists

Mairead Loughman, Professional Matchmaker has successfully matched over 6,000 clients on dates all over Ireland since 2016 with hundreds of marriages, engagements, babies and millions of kisses along the way.

Mairead meets all of her clients in person in her office on Merrion Square, Dublin or in her consultation hubs in Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny, Galway and Mullingar.

She listens carefully to you about what you are looking for in a partner and gets to know you before arranging all of your dates.

Mairead has clients from all walks of life, business owners, professionals and private and public sector employees and from ages 24-83 all over Ireland.

From there, Mairead arranges your dates for you and follows up with you after each of your dates to see how you got on.

Love HQ's service is 100% confidential with our clients integrity, safety and fun being our client focus.

If you would like more information or to book a consultation visit

If you enjoyed Mairead's tips on How to be Instantly More Attractive to Women, listen to her podcast "Would Like to Meet" on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Each episode, Mairead has special guests - Flirting and Seduction Coach from Channel 4, Gerry Hussey- Performance Coach, Eoghan Tomas McDermott - MD of The Communications Clinic and many more.

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