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10 Flirting Tips for Guys

As a professional matchmaker, I have matched over 7,000 people on dates since 2016 all over Ireland. As a result, I have seen what works, what doesn't work and what can increase your chances of dating success. You only get one chance to make a good first impression so here are some of my flirting tips!

Flirting to guys and flirting to ladies are often very different approaches so here is my guide to successful flirting with a lady!

1. Get Comfortable and Confident!

Your heart might be jumping out of your chest with nerves but try and hold an air of confidence. Speak slow and clearly.

A big part of successful flirting is being comfortable in your own skin. That means knowing who you are and being okay with it. If you’re nervous around women you don’t know well, that’s okay.

2. Listen to what she is saying.

So many people listen to answer and not to what the person is saying. Be genuinely interested in what she is saying. Don't try to change the conversation back to being about you.

3. Compliment the lady.

Compliment her, her outfit, her sense of humour genuinely. Don't just compliment her to sleep with her, trust me, she will know the difference! Every lady loves to be complimented and it gives her a clear message that you like her.

4. Don't do all the talking.

So I know you like her and you are probably trying to impress her but one thing a lady hates is when you just keep talking about yourself, your car, your house, your everything. I hear it so often "he just talked about himself all evening". The conversation should be 50/50 and you are absolutely winning if you you can talking 60/40!

5. Eye contact

Give her your full attention, stop looking over her shoulder. Bonus points if you can manage a little wink if she says something cheeky back!

6. Smile!

According to research, a lady smiles approx 62 times a day, while the average man smiles only 8 times, so get smiling. (I also highly recommend getting your teeth cleaned and maybe even bleached).

7. Don't over stay your welcome.

If she is on a night out with the girls, there is nothing worse than a guy hanging on all night. Chat for a bit, then ask her for her number. Not only will you leaving her wanting more but her mates will be impressed too which will get you extra brownie points!

8. Ask her out.

Stop fluffing around say "I'd love to bring you out sometime, are you free tomorrow?/this weekend? Do not be afraid of rejection, go for it. Even practice that sentence if it means that you are going to seem more confident. Every lady would love a guy to ask her out so stop hiding behind text messages, say it straight.

9. Be a gentleman

I mean be a real gentleman. Ladies of high value, do not want bad boys. They know how they would like to be treated. If you say you will call on Wednesday to arrange the date, call on Wednesday to arrange the date. Call with a suggestion... "Fancy a bite to eat in....... and a few drinks in .....

There is nothing less attractive than when a guy says "I don't mind what we do".

Lead and be the gentleman.

10. Truth

Tell the truth, no exaggerations or selective memory. Ladies have a sixth sense and once she senses you are lying, she will implement her FBI skills and it is all down hill from there!

If you are comfortable in who you are, you will never need to lie anyway!

About Love HQ, Ireland's No.1 Dating Specialists

Mairead Loughman, Professional Matchmaker has successfully matched over 6,000 clients on dates all over Ireland since 2016 with hundreds of marriages, engagements, babies and millions of kisses along the way.

Mairead meets all of her clients in person in her office on Merrion Square, Dublin or in her consultation hubs in Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny, Galway and Mullingar.

She listens carefully to you about what you are looking for in a partner and gets to know you before arranging all of your dates.

Mairead has clients from all walks of life, business owners, professionals and private and public sector employees and from ages 24-83 all over Ireland.

From there, Mairead arranges your dates for you and follows up with you after each of your dates to see how you got on.

Love HQ's service is 100% confidential with our clients integrity, safety and fun being our client focus.

If you would like more information or to book a consultation visit

If you enjoyed Mairead's tips on How to be Instantly More Attractive to Women, listen to her podcast "Would Like to Meet" on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Each episode, Mairead has special guests - Flirting and Seduction Coach from Channel 4, Gerry Hussey- Performance Coach, Eoghan Tomas McDermott - MD of The Communications Clinic and many more.

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