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5 Men's Great Dating Outfit Essentials

You only get one chance to make a first impression, especially on a date so lets make it a great impression.

As a Matchmaker and Dating Specialist, I regularly get asked by men what they should wear on a date. This can be a tricky question as I want men to feel comfortable on a date as well as feeling their best. However, a lot of guys say that they would like to meet a lady that has good style so if this is you, make sure to make an effort to dress well.

There are a few wardrobe stables I always recommend for men.

  1. A Shirt

The most popular choice being white, light blue or navy. Make sure it is freshly washed and ironed.

2. Great Shoes

Shoes say a lot about you so I recommend two styles of shoe.

The first, being a good pair of really smart tan/oxblood brogues, real leather, polished shoes. These say a lot to your date about you, the type of lifestyle you have and the types of places/dates that she can expect to have with you. Ladies like good shoes.

The second, being a smart casual shoe.

3. A Good Pair of Jeans/ Casual Trousers

Good jeans can be quite smart if they are styled correctly. Jeans should always fit properly and suit your shape. The ends should never be frayed and avoid jeans with ripped knees, paint splashes or unusual features on a first date. The denim colour should be medium to dark blue.

Trousers- light grey, light navy can be safe options for a first date once they fit properly and are teamed correctly.

4. Knitwear

Good knitwear can be really stylish on a man but the wrong knitwear can make you seem much older than you are. Always wear a shirt underneath. Fine knit jumpers can work well with a nice shirt as above or a denim shirt as per this pictures.

5. A Coat