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Men's best kept dating secret...

Ever wonder how your mate is getting so many dates yet you are not?

We all had that mate in school, he would tell you that he did little or no study, hadn't answered lots of the questions on the exam and yet, when the test results came back, he would get a B+ or an A.

Today, in the real world, this guy seems to rarely be single and has a date every other weekend. Being honest, he is not a better looking guy. Truth be told, you know you have a lot going for yourself, you have worked hard at your successful career, you're a decent guy and really, the only thing you are missing in life is your special lady to share your life with.

So, how does this guy get the girl and you seem to be endlessly swiping on Tinder?

His secret ... he is probably going to a Matchmaker! Yes, he has outsourced his dating life and chances are, he will never tell you. Also, he and his new lady will probably have made up a story about how they met and why would they, my service is 100% confidential.

I have successfully sent over 5,500 people on dates all over Ireland since 2016. I regularly get asked what type of person comes to a Matchmaker with the answer being that every type of person comes to meet me. The only thing they have in common is that they are single.

You might be surprised too... Barristers (they need privacy for work), sports stars (they cannot socialise as much when training) , Business Owners/Management (They don't want to be seen on Tinder and subject to staff/office gossip), Farmer's (They often live is rural communities), Teachers (They don't want to be catfished by a students mum/dad), Politicians (Public platform), High profile clients (they don't want to be recognised on Tinder), Men that are recently separated (don't want their ex/ex's friends to see them).

We also get men and women with all levels of dating experience from people that have been married to people that may never have been on a date. We can help regardless of your dating experience.

So what happens when you book a consultation with me?

Firstly, we hold consultations in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Mullingar. I meet all of my clients in person for a friendly and relaxed chat over coffee. I carefully get to know you, I listen to the type of person you would like to meet and anything else that I need to know to help me match you.

From there, you will be invited to join our matchmaking service. I call you and tell you about the person I will be introducing you to and then I arrange your date for you. We then swap over each others telephone numbers and you confirm that you will be attending. This saves endless swiping online and you will only be introduced to ladies that are looking for the same as you.

On the day of the date, you go to the date location at the confirmed time and call your date to meet up. Then, relax and have fun with the wonderful lady you have been introduced to.

If you would like to meet with the lady again, make sure to ask her out again either while still on the date or if more comfortable, ask her out again via text message when you get home.

After each of your dates, I follow up with you to see how your date went. If you are meeting again, we will chat about suggestions for your second date. If you got on well, however you do not wish to see each other again romantically, I will ask you some questions to ensure that we get you a better match the next time.

It's that simple, just think about us as your dating PA!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram If you would like more information about our Matchmaking Service, send us a query to or give us a call on (087) 0680882.

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