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We are matching clients that want a baby sooner rather than later.

For many of my clients, male and female that come to me for Matchmaking, their motivation is to find love but often, just as important to them is their longing to start a family and to have babies.

The average age of mothers giving birth in Ireland in 2017 was 32.8, thirty years earlier in 1987, the average age was 29.4 years (CSO figures). There are also a large proportion of women and men in Ireland who start their families in their 40's compared with other nations.

Further education, the cost of living and long hours commuting are just some of the reasons why couples are choosing to have their families later. 

For many of my clients, male and female their biggest question and fear is what do you do when you are single and you would really love to start a family? For couples that are experiencing fertility issues, their are medical experts and fertility treatments but what if you are single? What are your options now?

Increasingly, I meet ladies in their mid to late 30's who have had their eggs frozen, ladies that decided to do it alone and have had a baby with a sperm  donor and men that have began researching having a baby with a surrogate mother.

Here at Love HQ, we have always considered one of the most important questions that we ask our clients is if they would like to have children and also when they would like to have children of which this is an important element of our Matchmaking process . Over the years, we have celebrated the birth of many babies from our introductions and now, we have decided to give more single people the share an important common interest,  they too would like to have a baby sooner rather than later.

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