3 Tips To Making A First Date Less Awkward

December 27, 2018



We all know first dates can be super awkward. You may only spoke to this person on tinder, or you may have met them at one of our dating events. We have come up with 3 simple ways to make your first date less awkward.


1. Don’t sit opposite one another.


Whatever you do, try to avoid sitting across from your date on a dinner or drinks date. When the awkward silences creep up (and sometimes they do) you have nowhere to look. You are stuck facing in their direction. You shouldn’t look over their shoulder. Try sitting adjacent to each other. If you are out on a walk sit next to each other and watch the world go by.


2. Do something that has external conversation


If you are an awkward person or takes a while to warm up on a date then go somewhere that you have to talk about what you are doing, or what you see, for example a museum or a funky bar.

You can walk around with your date and talk about the sculptures and art. Try to do something that you are interested in so you know what you are talking about. You will be more confident and attractive.


3. Touch Often


Touching someone is super important on a first date. (Not in a weird way) Don’t leave it too long before you touch your date because before you know it, it is the end of the date and you really want to kiss him, but you haven’t really given him an indication that he is allowed to and if you haven’t touched each other yet, then going straight for a kiss is like going from 0-100.

When you first see him, great him with a hug. As the date goes on, touch his arm, or shoulder. It really is crucial and it is a great way of flirting too.


Follow these 3 steps for a less awkward first date!!


Best of luck







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