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A Table for Six was set up for single people to enjoy a relaxed, civilised evening with new friends as well as some romance without the need for a wing man or wing woman! Book tickets below for A Table for Six, The Farmer Wants a Wife, Speed Dating and First Dates.

How "A Table for Six" Works-

1. Select your ticket below (Regular Male/ Female Tickets, Farmer Wants A Wife etc.).

2. This will bring you to a booking form where you can tell us a little about yourself.

3. Select which dates you are available to attend on the booking form. (We will confirm your date after tables are matched, you are not booking a definitive date at this stage).                              

4. We contact you when your table is matched and confirm the date and venue.

5. You arrive at the restaurant and are seated with your fellow guests.

6. You enjoy the evening with new friends and hopefully some romance.

7. If you like one of the other dinner guests on the evening, you can contact our office that week and we arrange a follow up date if you haven't already!                               

8. If the tickets you wish to book are sold out, don't worry! Pop your name on the waiting list and we will be in contact as soon as they become available!                                 

If your ticket is sold out, please enter your details and we will be in touch as soon as it becomes available again.

Most of all, we want you to have a good time and meet someone special! 

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