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Privacy Policy &
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Rules and Regulations


Loughman Ventures Limited T/A Love HQ sets out in this Privacy Notice how it protects client data. Love HQ will collect, use and store the personal information that you give us, in accordance with this Privacy Notice and in line with current data protection regulations (GDPR).

We know what data we have, and why we have it

Love HQ collects, stores and processes personal data given by its clients, past clients and potential clients. (all collectively known as clients). We use this data pursuant to our matching contract with you or for taking steps to enter into a contract with you . This may include some or all the following:

  • Name, address, phone, email, mobile

  • Client personal information: gender, age, height, hobbies, etc

  • Client photo

  • Client ID

  • Client matching preferences

  • Client contract

  • Financial Information

  • IP Address

  • Other relevant data


We may also use the health, political and religious data that you give us with your permission in the matching process.

You may request the deletion of your personal data at any time by contacting your personal matchmaker or the Love HQ Office Manager.

We understand and comply with individual’s rights

Love HQ Clients have the following rights:

  • Clients have the right of access to their data (NB this does not apply where it includes data of a third party such as feedback received from a match)

  • Clients have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified

  • Clients have the right to have their data erased (but this will only apply in relation to your own account and will not include where a third party has given feedback)

  • Clients have the right to request the restriction or suppression of their personal data

  • Clients have the right of data portability in relation to images or digital content which they have supplied to Love HQ

  • Clients have the right to object to the use of their data where we are using it on the basis of our legitimate interests and your interests outweigh our own legitimate interests

  • Clients have the right to be notified if a data breach occurs in certain circumstances where it may cause them harm or possibility of serious harm


We manage client data in a structured way

Client data is gathered from clients by Love HQ matchmakers and continually updated using client reviews and match feedback by phone, face to face, email, in writing or other medium.

Client data will be used:

  • During the client matching process

  • To introduce you to your matches after you have verbally agreed to meet with potential match and to connect both clients.

  • To keep records as required of clients

  • To comply with the Law 

  • To verify client identity by searching publicly available records

  • To keep track of financial transactions

  • With your permission or lawfully to update you by phone email etc on our events, products and services and those of our Group Companies

  • For our legitimate business purposes for internal business analysis.

Your personal data will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which we collected it and in relation to certain data, for example, relating to the services provided and billing transactions, for a period of approximately 6 years from the end of the contract.If there is continued contact with the client/potential client on an ongoing basis (minimum once every 2 years), the personal data will continue to be retained.

We know who is responsible for the data we have

Love HQ has a Data Protection Officer, who, together with Love HQ Matchmakers are responsible for data analysis, input and retrieval. Only key people involved in the matchmaking process have access to this data.

We have a data security awareness and culture

  • Our staff receive data protection training and they are all briefed on Love HQ Privacy Notice and practices.

  • We will never sell, permit use of clients’ data out-with Love HQ’s group companies own processes except when required by law, legal proceedings , or to protect you or a third party’s safety.

  • We have data security processes and procedures.

  • The main client database is backed up daily.

  • The local database backup is regularly backed up and stored securely. 

  • Computers and access are password protected.

  • Only key Love HQ personnel have access to allow download or deletion of client records.

  • Client records will be archived or deleted after there is no interest in the record for the client or Love HQ.

  • Client records will be archived or deleted after there is no interest in the record for the client or Love HQ.

  • Love HQ offices are kept locked when unoccupied and hard copy documents are stored in locked cabinets


We have a process for how and when we contact clients

Love HQ in contract clients

  • Love HQ will be in contact by phone, text, email, in writing and in person with in-contract clients to fulfil their contract.


Love HQ out of contract & potential clients

  • From time to time, Love HQ will be in contact by phone, text or email or in writing.

  • Love HQ may be in contact if there is a potential suitable match for them or to ask if they wish to start a new contract with Love HQ, to check on the progress of a relationship or to check whether they would like to remain on the Love HQ database.


We have a process for how we delete client records

If requested by the client, a client record will be entirely deleted from the Love HQ database except in the following case:

When complete deletion of a client record on the database would also delete the record of matches completed with other Love HQ clients, Love HQ may decide that the entire client record should not be deleted. However, phone number, email address and correspondence addresses will be deleted. Client name will be anonymised.

Entire deletion of a client record will be made on the authority of the CEO.

We have a process for client requests for their personal data

Love HQ is committed to giving people access to their digital personal information. Clients can make a “Subject access request” under GDPR for their personal information.

Requests for personal information must be made in writing to the Office Manager at Love HQ. You will not need to pay a fee for this. We will aim to respond to your request within 30 days, but if this is not possible due to the nature of the request, we will inform you of this as soon as possible, giving you an estimated time frame for sending you the information requested. Data may be sent electronically or by hard copy

Clients do not have the right to other people’s data, or data that has been produced about them through either meeting with or analysis by the matchmaker or personal feedback from other clients they have been matched with.

We understand our lawful basis for processing your data

Under GDPR, Love HQ uses Contract and Legitimate Interest as the basis for lawful processing of client data.

Contract (in contract clients)

In contract clients will have the information and data freely provided by them (para1) processed as necessary to allow fulfilment of the contract with Love HQ.

Potential clients who have been in contact with Love HQ but not yet entered into a contract with Love HQ will have the information and data freely provided by them (para1) processed as necessary.

Legitimate Interest (in contract clients/lapsed clients and lead/enquiries/potential clients)

In contract clients and where a lapsed client or potential client has submitted or had their details submitted to Love HQ demonstrating their interest in Love HQ or finding a partner or to be matched, that is considered a legitimate interest. Love HQ may contact that client/potential client regarding: updating their details, availability of or for a match, changes to product and service, promotional material.

Visitors to our website

When someone visits our website, , we use a third-party service, Google Analytics to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not allow Google to make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website.

Matchmaking Terms of Business

When joining our matchmaking service, you will be invited to join the package that is most suitable for you. 

3 Dates x 1 year *(T&C's apply - please see below)- €500

5 Dates x 1.5 years *(T&C's apply- please see below)- €700

1 Date - ( Recommended at Love HQ's discretion) €200 for first date and €150 per date thereafter.

Please note, we try to match you with dates as quickly as possible. 

From March 6th 2020- Love HQ will not be matching clients while national travel restrictions or lockdowns are in place to ensure the asftey of our clients. During this time, all membership will be placed on hold until restrictions lift.

By completing your payment, you are agreeing to Love HQ's Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations below.


(1) Members must be single or unattached, no longer living under the same roof as/with an ex- partner and free to form a relationship.

(2) Members must provide passport or other acceptable form of identification together with home address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address. All information supplied is understood to be correct but we cannot guarantee its accuracy and therefore cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies. If the information provided by the member is found to be false, membership will be terminated immediately and no refund given.

(3) Love HQ undertakes to introduce members over the membership period to potential partners. We cannot guarantee success, falling in love, getting married or otherwise. We cannot make people like you and can only provide you with the opportunity to meet people. An introduction is defined by the acceptance of the Client and their selected introduction both agreeing with Love HQ to be put in touch with each other. For the avoidance of doubt the term “introduction” does not imply any guarantee of a face to face meeting between the client and their selected introduction. Love HQ agrees to supply the Client with a true assessment of people as far as it is able and can only supply particulars that have been accepted in good faith.

(4) Love HQ guarantees the confidentiality of member’s profiles and photographs which will not be provided to third parties unless by prior agreement. In turn members must keep details and identities of any member absolutely confidential.

(5) I agree that I am responsible for ensuring my own personal safety. Introductions are arranged on the basis that members take all necessary precautions for a first meeting and we recommend that this meeting be in a public place and that all subsequent meetings should also be in a public place until both parties are comfortable with each other.

(6) All members undertake to treat fellow members with courtesy and good manners. Membership will be removed, with no entitlement to a refund, where behaviour does, or is likely to offend other members.

(7) Love HQ is not bound to accept any person for membership and may at its sole discretion withdraw membership from any member whose behaviour it considers inappropriate. Members must not discuss other members to whom they have been introduced.

(8) Refusal to follow up on introductions that have been accepted by both parties may result in the removal of your details from our files.

(9) For reasons of discretion Love HQ does not normally pro-actively phone members to check how their membership is going. Consequently, it is my responsibility to make contact and inform them of any issue of concern affecting my membership.

(10) It is my responsibility to inform the agency each time I require a further introduction.The agency will subsequently arrange an introduction providing I have made every endeavour to meet those members to whom I have already received an introduction. Members must endeavour to meet the clients whose profiles they have accepted and not try to establish compatibility over the phone.

(11) It is my responsibility to inform the agency if I no longer wish my name to be included in the company records.

(12) Membership may be put on hold or frozen for a maximum period of 3 months unless by prior agreement. Membership may be frozen where there are extenuating circumstances preventing the member from meeting new introductions.

(13) Members must be in good mental and physical health.

(14) I agree that I have read the information I have provided in my profile and that it is an accurate reflection of me and this information will be used by Love HQ to select suitable introductions. I understand that no amendments or changes may be made to profile information once completed during the interview/initial consultation.

(15) Members who do not respond to phone calls or text messages from Love HQ may have their membership suspended or terminated.

(16) Subject to the early termination provisions below, Client membership will automatically be fulfilled after the minimum guaranteed introductions has been reached within the Active Membership Period Love HQ shall be entitled to terminate the Client's Membership in circumstances where:

● The Client has in the opinion of Love HQ, exercised inappropriate behavior.

● The Client fails to maintain contact with Love HQ during the client’s active membership.

● The Client has provided false information to Love HQ.

● Love HQ receives a complaint about the Client, which, after investigation, it considers to be justified (such decision to be entirely at Love HQ discretion. Love HQ reserves the right to approach both parties concerned during an investigative procedure).

● The Client invites a person introduced to them by Love HQ to their home for the first meeting; or does not turn up for an agreed meeting without prior notification.

● The Client commits some other breach of these terms (where in the sole opinion of Love HQ such a breach justifies termination).

(16) If , despite Love HQ efforts , Love HQ is unable to provide the member with the number of specified introductions agreed, then at Love HQ discretion ,membership may be extended. For the avoidance of doubt the Member shall not be entitled to a refund fee, unless Love HQ has negligently or otherwise breached the terms of contract. If this is found to be the case , then a refund would be given less a retention of €200 for the interview and registration charge and any introductions on a pro rata basis. It is important that the member makes him/herself available throughout membership to meet people , because if they do not make themselves available for introductions , then Love HQ is not at fault. It is also incumbent upon the member to inform Love HQ of any changes in personal circumstances that may affect implementation of membership. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of membership and agree to pay the agreed membership fee entitling me to provision by Love HQ of the services indicated above on the terms stated.

The following rules and regulations must be followed by all matchmaking members. Failure to do so may result in suspension/ termination of your membership:

● A spirit of adventure and a positive attitude will produce the best results. We cannot make you like one another that is your responsibility. You should be as objective as possible and remember you are meeting another person who has equally invested emotionally, physically and financially in this process. We cannot guarantee physical attraction, chemistry or connection.

● Gentlemen please make verbal contact with introductions within 48 hours of receiving the contact number or inform us if there is any reason that you are unable to do so. Texting to make this arrangement is unacceptable, we prefer you speak to your date to confirm your date.

● Ladies please be patient. We can’t always make immediate contact with your introduction despite our efforts, so particularly when there is a weekend coming up allow a few days to hear from your date.

● Initial communication is for the sole purpose of confirming to meet and not an opportunity to interview the other party. Do not try to establish compatibility over the phone, the initial phone call is purely to confirm the meeting and gently calm nerves. Do not judge potential matches on their accent or phone manner .In our experience most people find connecting over the phone quite unnerving, so be patient and give your introduction the benefit of the doubt.

● We advise our clients never to give out their address or private home telephone numbers. Mobile numbers are provided to enable contact between parties to make an arrangement to meet.

● When meeting turn off mobile phones or alternatively put onto silent mode. Only take calls or messages if they are extremely important.

● Try to meet primarily for a drink on your first date and do not expect to be taken out to lunch/dinner. Never invite people to your home on a first date. You are responsible for your own safety, and therefore you should take proper precautions.

● Meet somewhere half way so it is fair on both parties travelling, and try to meet in a public place on your first meeting.

● Do not talk about past relationships, especially negative one’s – look to the future and be positive.

● Do not discuss Love HQ or other people that you have met through our service.

● Always make every effort to arrive at the agreed time and to look your best - first impressions are very important.

● Keep an open mind, remember most people can be slightly nervous - have consideration for the other person, and try to make them feel comfortable.

● If you are a member of another dating agency or an internet dating agency please do not make this a point of conversation, as it has the opposite effect and puts other members off!

● If you don’t wish to meet the introduction again please advise them by phone.

● Feedback. We need your valuable feedback to assess the on-going progress of your introductions. Feedback is confidential and kept as a record in your personal file. Unless we receive a call from you following an introduction we assume that you are continuing to meet with the other member, and are deemed inactive until we hear to the contrary. Please take note: Be aware that you are in this process to meet others face to face, not a virtual profile or imaginary person.

Love HQ cannot be responsible for conversations or interactions between parties. Love HQ a re merely the conduit, we introduce you to other members who in our estimation share the same goals, and possess qualities that may be complimentary to yours.


We cannot take responsibility for differing views, opinions, personality types or impressions made by members. Your conduct, attitude and interaction are the most important part of this process, therefore we expect you to present yourself positively. Remember, it is your responsibility to make the best impression. Try to suspend all judgements, prejudices value systems and projections handed down to you by others.

We cannot create the perfect person for you, or your version of perfect. The perfect person for you may actually be someone who doesn’t fit into your current image or version of perfect. You are here to meet someone to share your life, not someone just to suit your family or friends. This relationship is for you, and part of your life experience. We endeavour to make this a positive and enjoyable experience, and share the common goal to find you a life partner. Without the use computers or algorithms to match people, we use traditional matchmaking practises and match you with real life potential partners. We create the possibilities………you provide the magic! I agree to abide by the aforementioned rules and regulations

Changes to the Privacy Notice or Terms of Business

Love HQ's Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time. Love HQ will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Notice without your explicit consent.

How to contact us

To contact us regarding your personal information or request information about our privacy policy, you can email or write to:

Mairead Loughman

Loughman Ventures Limited T/A Love HQ

Hollyford House, 




Co. Westmeath.

At the address listed below or:

Tel: +353870680882

CRO: 613660

VAT No. 3213432TH

01 January 2020

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